The South African Society of Integrative Medicine (SASIM) is a non-profit network of medical practitioners who support the practice of Functional and Integrative Medicine (IM). We exist to support like-minded health care providers in sharing knowledge, research and best-practices. We promote IM nationally by facilitating the advancement of science and research and providing advice on new policy. SASIM also provides the public with a national database of practitioners and helps to educate the general community on all matters regarding integrative medicine.

INUG Nutrição is a consulting and training company that offers products and services of education, professional and business development in the nutritional, gastronomic and health areas in general. The development of its courses and products is carried out by a highly qualified team under the supervision of Daniela de Almeida, a nutritionist and gastronomist who for 13 years coordinates courses and congresses in the area of ​​Health. It trains professionals able to respond to the current demands of the globalized market , contributing to social progress and stimulating entrepreneurship. Meet the Graduate in Nutraceuticals and Nutricosmetics in clinical practice with extension in Healh Coaching and Functional Gastronomy.