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The full day Pre-conference sessions will take place on 17th September, 2018 at Belgium.
Pre-Conference Workshop giving insights in the field of Nutraceuticals and Natural Medicine enhancing your professional network and providing info on the latest research.
 It will be conducted by  Prof. Jean-Marie Poffé 
Submit your abstracts for the workshop and confirm your participation.  

Prof. Jean-Marie Poffé   

Pharmacist specialist in micronutrition at consultation of micronutrition, Active Cell Nutrition

Important pre-conference information

  • All Euro Nutraceuticals 2018 registered delegates can attend pre-conferences.
  • For those who wish to attend only pre-conferences and not the main conference, registration passes are available on the website.
  • Pre-conferences either require sign-up or are walk-in.
  • If you are interested in attending a pre-conference that requires sign-up, please use the registration Tab provided above. Please note that confirmation from the event organizer must be received to guarantee entrance to the pre-conference.
  • Pre-conference sign-up is managed by the pre-conference organizers, please contact the organizer directly via the contact email listed below event description.
  • Registering for pre-conferences automatically grants permission for the pre-conference organizers to contact you with future updates.

Why You Should Attend

Content is specifically designed for healthcare providers and reasearchers. Attending this conference will enable you to:

  1. Learn the latest developments in clinical research on nutraceuticals and natural medicine interventions.
  2. Speak more knowledgably with clinical study regarding their nutraceuticals and natural medicine 
  3. Leave with strategies for nutraceuticals and natural medicine interventions to improve health outcomes for your patients.
  4. Earn Continuing Professional Development credits.
  5. Receive complimentary registration to Amsterdam conference 25% wavier.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Nutraceuticals
  • Nutrition and Health
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Traditional medicine
  • Natural medicine